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Advanced Armament Corp Blackout Flash Hider 5.56 mm

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This AAC Blackout AR-15 Flash Hider is an extremely efficient design that effectively eliminates muzzle flash, even on short barrels. The open-end, 3-prong design of the Blackout is inherently stronger than 4-prong units, and is not subject to the wear and erosion commonly encountered with closed-end designs. All Blackout flash suppressors are machined from high strength aerospace steel alloy and coated in a hard, durable, corrosion resistant SCARmor finish.


  • Caliber: 22Cal/5.56mm
  • Thread Pitch: 1/2"-28
  • Common Firearm Use: AR-15, Bushmaster ACR
  • Length: 2.5"
  • Length Added to Barrel: 1.875"
  • Weight: 4.3 oz
  • Finish: SCARmor
  • Silencer Mount: 51T Ratchet Mount

AAC Silencer Compatibility with ACR-SD, 416-SD, 249-SD, POST-2007 M4-2000, MINI 4, POST-MID 2010 7.62-SD, 7.62-SDN6, MINI 7

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