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Close Quarters Handgun Class - 6/24&25/17 SAT & SUN - 9am-5pm

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A woman shopping alone in a mall, a mother at the cinema with her children, and a father on an outing with his family all have one thing in common: each of these people can, at a moment's notice, find themselves in an active shooter event where they might have to fight for their lives. You can be caught off guard during a robbery attempt or violent assault, having to 'fight your way out of it' to save yourself.  Such incidents happen much closer and quicker than many of us want or expect.  Do you know how training for such events differs from your normal range training or target shooting?  Openrange's Close Quarters Handgun School is for the average citizen who is concerned with Real World Self Defense.  This class also addresses the psychological and physiological affects on those involved.  Past attendees have called this training unorthodox yet realistic.

With hands on coaching, you will train in context, learning new skills, to include Counter Ambush, Active Shooter Response, Extreme CQB, Emergency One Hand Shooting, Reloading, Clearing Malfunctions under stress, and more!

For this class, the student will need:
- semi-auto pistol in a 'service' caliber (9mm or better), 3 magazines
- sturdy waist holster
- two magazine pouches
- 400 rounds of ammunition

All shooting in this course is from concealment (uniformed LE exception)

Duration of this class is two (2) days, at eight (8) hours each day

Cost is $399 per student.

Student's for the Close Quarters Handgun School must have attended the Openrange Intermediate Pistol Class, OR have equivalent training or experience.  Please see the Instructor for any questions regarding this.

"The CQHS was worth every dollar.  The class is probably as close as you can get to a 'real world experience' on an indoor range.  The drills are fantastic and really make you think.  The history portion and class time really ties it all together.  I would love to take the class again, and probably will."  ~Tammy W

"Thanks again for an instructive, interesting, and meaningful 2 day Close Quarters class. I enjoyed the class thoroughly, and appreciated the constant emphasis on safety around LIVE ammo.  Your history lessons were A++!"  ~Stephen C

"The Close Quarters Handgun School @ Openrange is outstanding - this was no regular day @ the range!  The short classroom sessions were informative as well as interesting with a very knowledgeable instructor.  Most of the school was down range and the live fire sessions covered everything from marksmanship to gun fighting and counter ambush drills.  I now feel better prepared for a real world defensive situation.  Highly recommended..5 STARS MARLAN!" ~Tim P


Marlan Ingram

Marlan Ingram is the Director of Training at Openrangesports. He comes from a 30 year career in Law Enforcement and Executive Protection. He spent 22 years as a Competitive Shooter, and for the past 16 years, he has been a Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor. He has written over 70 articles on firearms, firearms history, and firearms training. He is rated as an NRA Handgun Distinguished Expert. Some of his certifications are:

-NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor
-Combat Focus Shooting Instructor
-S&W Academy Certified Instructor
-Action Target Academy 3 Gun Instructor
-TEES MP-5 Sub-Machine Gun Instructor
-TCOLE Basic Tactics Instructor (room entry/clearing)
-Israeli Combative Pistol Course
-Thunder Ranch Defensive Handgun Course
-Rangemaster Combative Pistol Course
-Rangemaster Active Shooter Response Course
-Range USA Advanced Handgun Course
-Unified Fighting Systems Defensive Tactics Instructor
-Unified Fighting Systems Edged
-Weapons Defense Instructor
-Simunitions Scenario Instructor

*A no show will result in a $20 cancellation fee.

** - At Openrange, we don't ban the Blackhawk Serpa holster in our classes, but it is strongly discouraged

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