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Surefire G2Z Combat Light w/ Max Vision, 650 Lumens, Black

Article number: G2Z-MV
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The Surefire G2Z CombatLight is a pocket-sized searchlight that delivers 650 lumens of intense, blinding light while offering enhanced grip capability for tactical professionals. A max vision reflector shapes the light from its virtually indestructible LED to create a smooth, far-reaching, comparatively wide beam with a bright central area that’s ideal for tactical use. The light’s CombatGrip design features a reduced-diameter mid-section and rubber grip ring that is perfect for flashlight/handgun techniques. Additionally this grip provides a secure hold even with wet, cold, or gloved hands. Activation is intuitive: just cover the pushbutton tailcap switch with your thumb and press for momentary-on activation; twist the tailcap for constant-on light. The Fury CombatLight’s lightweight, high-strength aerospace aluminum body is hard anodized to military specifications to provide unmatched reliability under extreme circumstances.




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