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Kahr CT 380, 380acp, 3" barrel, poly frame, stainless slide, 7 rounds

Article number: KACT3833
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The designer's first priority for the Kahr pistol was quality, and that is the final product. The union of advanced design, quality materials and proper construction makes Kahr the smallest, thinnest, most reliable full power compact pistol. A value that can't be matched. Reliability. Unless the gun is 100% reliable, all else is meaningless. Kahr pistols have proven their reliability in testing by Federal, State and local agencies. Size. Ergonomically, the Kahr compact pistol excels. The gun is easy to shoot well, and comfortable to carry for extended periods due to its thin profile. Power. Despite their diminutive size, Kahr pistols deliver full size ballistic performance. So, when it comes to protecting your life, choose the value gun. Choose the gun stamped KAHR.
Tech Specs:

  • .380 ACP
  • 3” Barrel Length
  • 11.44 Ounces

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