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Openrange UnScrew* - also requires the purchase of range time per policy

Article number: Openrange UnScrew

Unscrew your next gun purchase.

An Exclusive Program from Openrange


30 Day, 100% Return credit for any firearm purchased from any dealer - Even if it's been used - Period.

We all screw up occasionally. Purchasing the wrong pistol, for whatever reason, can be a real pain to deal with.  That's why we've launched the Openrange UnScrew program.  Even it you've shot it, but the handgun just doesn't fit, return it and we'll give you a 100% credit.

And that goes for handguns not purchased from us as well! So as long as they were purchased new and remain in as-new condition, we'll take it back no matter what store you bought it from.

Oh, and BTW: All firearms purchased at Openrange come with a free hour of range time, training for cleaning & breakdown and in-house tech support!


Terms & Conditions Criteria for 100% Shoot and Return Credit:
• The firearm must have been purchased less than 30 days ago.
• The firearm must still be in as-new condition with no customer modifications, all documents and original box with original contents.
• The firearm must have been purchased at a local store, no internet transfers.
• You must have an original receipt noting the store and serial number.
• The credit that receive will not exceed our normal or promotional sales price.
• Does not include sales tax
Openrange reserves the right to refuse the "Shoot & Return" credit on any 'Special Order' firearm which doesn't fit out normal inventory.
• Excludes stripped lowers.
• Based on the purchase price of the firearm certain range time purchases are required:

• Guns up to $500 - 2 hours of range at regular pricing (sorry members)
• Guns $500 - $1000 - 4 hours of range time at regular price
• Guns $1000 - $1500 - 6 hours of range time at regular price
• Guns $1500+ - 8 hours of range time at regular price
(NOTE: As an option you can also just purchase a regular annual membership or extension for $199 in lieu if purchasing range time)

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