10/20/19 Sun - Low Light Pistol Skills - 12:00 to 4

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  2. 10/20/19 Sun - Low Light Pistol Skills - 12:00 to 4
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Are you trained for emergencies with a flashlight or weapons light?

Many of us never get the opportunity to practice in a low light setting.  With Openrange’s indoor ranges we can run low light drills in the middle of the day.  No waiting for dark.  No weather worries.

The class will review pros and cons of leading techniques for low light shooting including handheld flashlight and weapon mounted options, deployment,  and 'lights out' reloading and gun malfunction challenges.

For the class:

  • Semi Auto Pistol or Revolver
  • Service holster - strong side or concealed
  • handheld flashlight
  • weapon mounted light optional
  • 3 magazines or speedloader
  • a magazine pouch
  • 200 rounds of ammunition

Pre-requiste: Advanced Pistol Skills Class, or similar training or experinece

Instructor: Brendan Montgomery


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