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9/26/18 Wed - Optics & Ballistics, insuring the bullet goes where it needs to be - 5:30 - 8pm (includes rifle range time)

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If you are looking to learn a lot of valuable information that you can use for your next optic purchase, or to better improve your shooting skill set, then this class is for you!

Optics go on for days


This interactive classroom session is intended to provide a review of key Optics features and fundamentals. It will cover:

- Types of Optics: Zero Magnification, Fixed Power, Variable Power

- Setting Up & Operating Optics: proper mounting, zeroing, supporting accessories

- Optics Operations: making adjustments, optimal utilization

For this class you can bring your rifle, optics, and accessories for help with setup and the chance to practice with them. Please DO NOT bring any live ammunition into the classroom session.

Following the 1-hour classroom session, students will have the option to head out to the range for a 1-hour hands-on session and put some of what they have just learned into practice under the guidance of the instructor. There will be a large number of optics for the students to utilize to look at targets at multiple ranges. This range time can also include the opportunity to establish, or confirm, a zero for your rifle and optic.

*PLEASE NOTE, the range time is included with the cost of the class.



Mike Richardson has 8 years of active duty military service, and 24 years of public safety experience. He is a graduate of multiple military and law enforcement sniper schools. Some of his professional affiliations include, US Army Sniper Assoc., American Sniper Assoc., National Tactical Officers Assoc., and the NRA. He holds multiple instructor certifications to include DHS Master Trainer and Multiple NRA shooting disciplines. Currently, he competes in several rifle shooting disciplines to include, NRA Highpower and F-Class where he holds a Master classification, and Tactical Rifle Matches where he has a number of top finishes and wins. He has spent the last 6 years as a Rifle Instructor for Openrange Sports.

Michael Richardson

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