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Surefire Sidekick, Compact pocket light, Rechargeable, 15/60/300 lumens, Black

Article number: Sidekick-A
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Keep a capable light always at hand with the Surefire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Rechargeable LED Flashlight - one of the most powerful keychain lights on the market! Just two and a half inches in length, this tiny illuminator is able to generate up to 300 Lumens of stunning white light that can reach further than 50 meters away. The light also features two dimmer outputs of 60 Lumens and 6 Lumens, giving more lighting options to fit a variety of scenarios. The Sidekick is operated by simply clicking its easy-to-use body switch to activate and cycle through its trio of outputs.

The Sidekick's body is made of a lightweight, durable polymer that is incredibly weather resistant and features a split ring for easy attachment to key rings or carabiners, making it easy to carry on you every day. Its powerful LED and custom reflector allows it to produce a wider, softer beam that is less taxing on the eyes. The light features an internal Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged via the convenient Micro-USB port located next to the LED for repeated use. Never worry about draining your cell phone battery to light your way again with the powerful and handy Surefire Sidekick.


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