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SHOOT A MACHINE GUN, pistol & rifle.  FOREIGN TOURIST & BEGINNER APPROVED. SHOOT a Kentucky Long Rifle & Experience ‘Daniel Boone’.  DUEL with your favorite companion & Experience ‘Hamilton’ - PLAY NERF & REBALL in our huge battle arena.  Exciting & Safe Indoor FUN.  20 minutes East of Downtown Louisville.

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Private Party, Minimum 6 people - includes range time, pistol rental, 1 box of ammo, target, eye and ear protection - Everything needed to have a blast!

Openrange Parties and Events (We love beginners!) All Inclusive Price: $29.99 per person - minimum 6 people Blast of Fun Experience: Safety Briefing 1 hour range experience on your own private range 1 Pistol or Rifle rental per person (you choo

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Private Nerf Party, Minimum 10 players, includes blaster, eye protection, 2 hours

Great for all ages!

$30.00 $22.50
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Private Reball Party, Minimum 12 players, includes marker, mask, unlimited ball, and umlimted air, 2 hours

Great for team building and corporate events!

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Shoot 3 Machine Guns

The Triple Crown samples 3 unique spirited machine guns with 3 magazines each. It's the ultimate thrill for adrenaline seekers. (No Reservation Required)

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Kentucky Longrifle Experience - fire a flintlock rifle

Kentucky was founded by a spirit of exploration through the Cumberland Gap. Experience the firearms these men used. (Reservation Preferred)

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Dueling Pistol Experience

Experience how our Founding Fathers settled disputes of honor. Challenge a friend to a 3 round contest with flintlock pistols. Includes personal guide and instruction. (Reservation Required)

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Flintlock Pistol Experience - fire a flintlock pistol

Fire 3 rounds through a flintlock pistol. (Reservation Preferred)

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