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GLOCKTRIGGERS Travis Haley Enhanced Carry Trigger System, Gen 4, 40sw, performance of a stock 1911 (CO)

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Article number: GT-TH 40 gen 4
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The HALEY "SKIMMER" Generation 4 ENHANCED CARRY TRIGGER SYSTEM gives your Glock the performance of a stock 1911. Manufactured using 100% OEM parts, all of the metal components are individually hand polished to a mirror finish for consistent, reliable action. The mated metal surfaces glide freely across each other, adding a smooth short transition into a predictable wall. The trigger break is crisp and clean, reducing muzzle movement. This is made possible by our unique pre-travel reduction modification, which is non-adjustable. Multiple inspection points are part of the production process. This system is completely drop-in with no fitting required.

"For Carry Use"

All metal components are hand polished to a mirror finish

  • Smooth Trigger w/ Trigger Bar / Modified to Reduce Pre-Travel & polished
  • Trigger Housing w/ Ejector / OEM polished
  • 4.5 lb. "Minus" Connector / or 5.5 lb. Standard Connector / OEM polished (you can request this in the "Special Instructions" section during checkout)
  • Trigger Spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin Spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin Safety Spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin Safety / OEM polished
  • Spring Cups / OEM

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