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Kentucky Longrifle Experience - fire 3 rounds through a flintlock rifle (Reservation Preferred)

Article number: FlintLock-Rifle



The perfect Bourbon Trail companion experience! Live a piece of Kentucky history.


Made famous by Daniel Boone, the Kentucky Longrifle is the “Official Kentucky Firearm”. Film yourself loading and shooting a period correct flintlock Longrifle with period clothing & accessories similar to what Daniel carried exploring Kentucky.



Film yourself loading and shooting the thunderous flintlock with your smartphone on our exclusive selfy sticks and remotes (included & free).  Talk about something unique to watch for years to come!


Includes: Range time, instruction, use of clothing, accessories, selfy sticks and remote. Suitable for all ages (depending on stature some range officer support may be necessary).


Give us a call at 502.243.8282 or email Concierge@openrangesports.com to schedule your experience. 

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