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Kentucky was founded by a spirit of exploration through the Cumberland Gap. Experience the firearms these men used. (Reservation Preferred)

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The perfect Bourbon Trail companion experience! Live a piece of Kentucky history.

Made famous by Daniel Boone, the Kentucky Longrifle is the “Official Kentucky Firearm”. Film yourself loading and shooting a period correct flintlock Longrifle with period clothing & accessories similar to what Daniel carried exploring Kentucky.

Film yourself loading and shooting the thunderous flintlock with your smartphone on our exclusive selfy sticks and remotes (included & free).  Talk about something unique to watch for years to come!

Includes: Range time, instruction, use of clothing, accessories, selfie sticks and remote. Suitable for all ages (depending on stature some range officer support may be necessary).

Give us a call at 502.243.8282 or email to schedule your experience.


Openrange is located near Louisville and specializes in fun and safe experiences with firearms.  Fire a machine gun, rental a pistol or rifle.  The shooting range consists of both 25 yard pistol range and 100 yard rifle range.  The weekends also offer Reball or Nerf battles.  Everything is indoors, so the weather is never a factor.

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