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Torrey Pines Logic T12-M Thermal, 30hz, 80X60, 50* FOV

Article number: TPLTPT12M03
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Torrey Pines Logic

All Torrey Pine Logic Thermal Model T12 include robust features commonly found in more expensive devices:

  • On‰ÛÔboard image processing enhancement modes
  • Manual and automatic NUC capability
  • Temperature read‰ÛÔout
  • Battery read‰ÛÔout and protection
  • Auto power‰ÛÔsave
  • Multiple display views: white hot / color / black hot / NV green
  • Flexible mounting options: Tripod / Picatinny rail / user‰ÛÔhandle mount and more

30Hz units are ideal for hunters and support more sophisticated domestic user needs. 9Hz units are export ready. Devices can be used in variety of search operations, firefighting and detection and other commercial applications.

Thermal Range Chart

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