Getting Started and FAQs


Beginners at Openrange

New to firearms and the gun range?

Make your first experience a stress free and safe learning experience.  It doesn't matter if you're new or even if you are just visiting for a date night - our team is here to answer any questions and to get you up and running.

There are just 6 things you need to know to get an idea of what your first visit will be like! take a look below.

Thanks for stopping by! We'll see you on the range!

P.S. I was a newbie too once!




1. WE'RE HERE TO HELP.  Range officers are are ready to answer ANY question.  No question is a dumb question!

2. YOU'LL NEED A WAIVER  You'll need to complete a waiver before you can shoot or play reball.  Complete Online Waiver Here. Note: You must have a parent or legal guardian's signature on our waiver for any customer under 18. No exceptions.

3. WATCH OUR INTRO VIDEO   You'll be glad you did....

4. THURSDAY LADIES NIGHT & FRIDAY DATE NIGHT ARE FUN AND EASY   We walk you through everything to have an exciting Date or Ladies Night.

5. WHEN YOU GET HERE   We have everything you need and will guide you all along the way. 

6. START WITH A BASIC GUN SAFETY COURSE MAKES YOU EVEN MORE COMFORTABLE   Start with training. Take a look at our EDUCATION page to get an idea of whats available - we have a course especially for beginners!


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